Partners for Mental Health in America with the sound prescription for a donation of $ 5 million in the form of treatment of PTSD Veterans, Active Duty, families, providers

Ordinance audio was developed by Jill and Rod Slane, a husband-wife team in 2005. Rod Slane has used his experience of over 40 years as a composer and sound engineer to create the innovative program of life, followed by Natural Therapy in 2006.Mental Health America has announced its partnership with the order Audio, a company based in the Philadelphia (Voorhees, NJ), the company to science-based sound therapy available for download free for veterans, active duty military and women , their families and health professionals.

“In these difficult times, we felt we needed to do something to support our warriors, veterans, their families and mental health professionals who serve them,” said Jill Slane, CEO of the prescription sound. Individuals can learn more about sound therapy, learn how you can start to contribute and access to download by visiting the website of the Meeting for the healthy functioning of mental health in America or by clicking here.

In honor of Veterans Day, and in light of recent events including the shooting at Fort Hood, 250,000 copies of the downloads are available free to all veterans, active duty soldiers and women, their families, and caregivers of compassion tired with treatment-related symptoms of PTSD and other conditions. The value of products and services that are given is about $ 5 million.

“Congratulations on audio make this therapy available for free and we are proud to partner with them,” said David Shern, Ph.D., president and CEO of Mental Health in America. “This is a value and a management tool that can help immediately reduce our troops in active service, veterans, their families and their caregivers.”

A primary goal of society was to help alleviate the anxiety of veterans suffering from PTSD. Using patented technology of sound, an array prescription MP3 Audio CDs and programs to provide natural solutions for mental health and reduce the general anxiety and its many adverse events, allowing anyone to quickly and easily reach a meditative state of mind .

Audio Sound like prescription therapy is currently provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs and U.S. military hospitals to help in the treatment of the disorder (PTSD), stress and compassion.

Prescription Audio provides products and services through its life at the Institute of ProgramTM U. S. Army Research Program on the surgical stress management for health care providers, a strong testimony to the power and effectiveness of their approach. In this application, vibrational sound therapy is used to help reduce the high rate of turnover among health professionals in trauma hospitals with the teaching of military tactics for managing stress, which leads to better health mental agility and more.

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