A lot of pricey medical tools are estimable but arguably overused

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As we experience visual images, which have no tangible existence, arise from physical processes in the brain? New research at the Weizmann Institute of Science has demonstrated for the first time, a contact of the experiences that inspire intense neuronal activity of seeing.

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Professor Rafael Malach’s research is supported by the Nella and Leon Benoziyo Center for Neurologic Diseases, Carl and Micaela Einhorn-Dominic Brain Research Institute, St. and J. Lurje Memorial Foundation, the Benjamin and Seema Puli Charitable Foundation, Inc., Vera Benedek, Israel, and Mary Helen Rowen, New York, NY. Prof. Malach is the incumbent of the Barbara and Morris Levinson Chair of Brain Research.

Developed by Syngenta, and tested in laboratory and field evaluations by Syngenta and IVCC partner laboratories in Switzerland and Africa, Actellic 300C was then subject to evaluation under the rules of the Organization of pesticides (WHOPES) for the performance and independent assessment of safety. A recommendation, at the end of the evaluation process is a prerequisite for the help of many control programs funded.

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This project amply demonstrates that the concept of hedging CCSVI start to stimulate innovation is working and that the industry has enthusiastically bought into partnership model of development of products that we have experienced for vector control.

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