College students lack of scientific literacy, study Finds

One of the things that interest me, he says, is the students’ understanding of environmental issues. And probably the most important environmental issue is global climate change. And understand where carbon dioxide comes from and what you can do about it relates to the understanding of carbon cycle science.Most university students in the United States do not understand the scientific basis of the carbon cycle – an essential skill for understanding the causes and consequences of climate change, according to a study published in the January issue of BioScience.

Improving students’ understanding of these biological principles could do better prepared to address important environmental issues like global climate change, said Charles Andy Anderson, MSU professor of teacher education and co-investigator of the project.

Dr. Their previous research on eating behavior and thought suppression have shown that people who try not to think of chocolate after eating a lot more than people who were deliberately think about it. However, previous studies have examined the behavior of a rebound in five minutes instead of days and weeks.

The researchers say that the books of high school biology teachers and university science must do a better job teaching the fundamentals – in particular how changes to the material from solid to gas and vice versa.

It will not be easy, says Anderson, because the beliefs of students in the carbon cycle are deeply rooted . Instructors should help students understand that the use of these everyday, informal reasoning goes against the true scientific culture, he said.

Most students also mistakenly believe that plants get their mass from the earth, rather than primarily of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. When you see a tree that grows, says Anderson, is much easier to believe that the tree is a bit ‘out of the country, rather than the scientific reality that leaves the air.

Most students do not really understand the processes that transform carbon. Have not been able to apply these principles, the conservation of matter, which means that when something changes chemically or physically, the amount of material at the end of the procedure should be the amount at the beginning.

The researchers assessed the knowledge of basic sciences with over 500 students in American universities, over 13 introductory biology ranging from ecology to peak.

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