Study sheds light on the genetic risk of MS

Women with multiple sclerosis are more likely than men with the disease have a gene thought to be linked to the condition, a new study has found.Our results also show women with the HLA gene variant are more likely to transmit the gene variant to other women in their families than men, study co-author Dr. George Ebers C, University of Oxford in the UK, said in a press release by the American Academy of Neurology.

According to the researchers, is an accurate diagnosis and developing therapies directed at the cause remains difficult. The main obstacle was the lack of understanding of the molecular and cellular events and incentives etiologically important pathophysiological mechanisms leading to autoimmunity.

However, among those most likely to inherit genetic variation, in the second degree are at increased risk of first-degree relatives , the investigators found.

Among those with MS, women were 1.4 times more likely than men to have a genetic variation in a gene called HLA that has been linked to the disease, according to a report published in the Jan.

5 online edition of Neurology.

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