Why antibiotic tablets break yours system

The worst thing for any infant is to give them antibiotics. Antibiotics kill bacteria indiscriminately, both good and bad. A round of antibiotics will definitely change the baby’s immune system, and because most of the neuro – chemicals are also in the bowel, neurology child also changed keflex 500 www.keflex500mg.org . Antibiotics that were presented as the savior of humanity of disease are costing us in the cancer and degenerative diseases, chronic diseases. Once antibiotic is the first administered to the child or the child, bacteria in the intestine is annihilated and immune system is permanently altered its ability to make appropriate immune cell. Fungi in the gut is now unopposed and begins to proliferate without control by the friendly bacteria. After the fungus sets up strongholds, then the parasites move to share the wealth of food and minerals to nourish the body. It is the first stage of the chronic disease and cancer.

As the progress of response and recovery begins, the Red Cross will continue to support these priority areas and initiatives for long-term support until the last dollar donated is spent.

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In the two months after the earthquake, the Red Cross global network:

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- Treated more than 55,000 people in the hospital or the Red Cross mobile clinics.

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- He has helped over 25,000 people who arrived in the United States after the earthquake.

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