British Dental Association 130 years

The event saw the first screening of a short film commissioned by the BDA to mark the anniversary. The film profiles the work of the BDA to support the members today, while noting some of the central figures in the development of the dental profession. The film is available on the BDA website at:.The event also celebrated the BDA’s commitment to improve the services it offers its more than 23,000 associates with the relaunch of its monthly magazine, BDA News. The magazine has been redesigned with a fresh look to make it even easier for members to use as the main source of news, views and advice they need.

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The BDA has a rich heritage that everyone connected with the organization is justly proud. In addition to celebrating the many successes, we must also remember that it is an organization with an eye very firmly on the future, not be interested in only dentists, but also with improved dental health and the promotion of dental research and education.

I am very proud to be chairman of the BDA as we celebrate this historical event.

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