NJ actions breast cancer expert at the National Conference

The purpose of the discussion is to improve knowledge of oncology nurses involved in caring for patients with pre-treated. With emphasis on treatment options, effects and management of health-literate patient education strategies.with cocoa butter centers more than 50 percent – are fermented, roasted and ground into a paste. Milk chocolate is made from fresh whole milk and white chocolate liqueur added – which some say is not really chocolate – is a blend of cocoa butter, the aroma of sugar, milk and vanilla. Even if the chocolate also contains saturated fats, stearic acid, has been shown in scientific studies to have a neutral effect on the blood.’We found that the practices of doctors’ had a few explicit rules for the management of test results,’ says Dr. To be continued

As an APN with expertise in breast cancer, Lauria is responsible for treatment, research and education at CINJ. It also participates in the training of oncology nurses in hospitals CINJ Network. I think it is important for practitioners to be expert not only in their direct nursing care, but also in patient education. If nurses can anticipate questions of patients’ and respond effectively, will improve treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction, said Lauria

The knowledge is power. This sentiment is echoed in the work of nurses now and in search of both clinical knowledge and technical expertise. Nurses Cancer Institute of New Jersey and throughout the country will do their part to contribute to the art of attention to the presentation at the annual conference of the Oncology Nursing Society, 36, to be held this week in Boston.

CINJ is a Center of Excellence of UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson School Medical

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