Halifax researcher wins the “Nobel Prize” of pharmaceutical research

‘It ‘a wonderful recognition of Dr. Weaver-class research,’ said Dr. Ray LeBlanc, vice president of Health Capital of learning, research and innovation.’Dr. Weaver, with three other winners were congratulated the minister had ‘reached an extraordinary level of excellence.’ He said ‘their talent, hard work and dedication to help make Canada a world leader in health research.’

Dr. Gagne said his organization wanted to ‘build a scientific culture and build bridges between the EU institutions, industry and science. ‘We are proud to participate in this celebration of success, victory and excellence,’ said Gagne.

‘Don Weaver brings a unique perspective to the development of new drugs,’ said Martha Crago, Dalhousie University vice president for research. ‘He is the only neurologist in the world, who earned a Ph. in organic chemistry Computational He conceives of new drugs, has created new companies to develop drugs, and treating patients in a clinical setting, it’s all -., From the laboratory at the bedside. ‘

Dr. Donald Weaver, a researcher with unique references Halifax, received the Prix Galien Research Award during a ceremony in Ottawa last night. Known as the Nobel Prize for pharmaceutical research, this award is the highest honor in the world to work biopharmaceutical and most prestigious in the field of pharmaceutical research and innovation in Canada.

Dr. Weaver is a professor and Canada Research Chair in Clinical Neuroscience at Dalhousie University and director of research at Dalhousie Medical School / Capital Health Department of Medicine. Dr.

Weaver received the Prix Galien Research Award for his efforts to develop new drug therapies for the treatment of chronic neurological disorders such as e.

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