An amnesic patient with an extraordinary memory Distorted

If someone asks you remember what you were doing 13 March 1985? it is very likely to respond, I do not know, even if your memory is excellent. In a study conducted by Dalla Barba and Decaix the National Institutes of Health Research and Medical Department M and H Pital of Neurology, Saint-Antoine in Paris and published by Elsevier in the May 2009 Cortex researchers found that a patient with a severe amnesia reported detailed false memories in answering this question.Patient LM described in this study, is a man of 68 years, after more than 30 years of alcoholism, developed Korsakoff’s syndrome, a condition characterized by severe amnesia and confabulation, not intentionally produced false memories by amnesic patients who are unaware of their memory deficits. Patients who confabulate produce more or less plausible false memories answering such questions as What did you do yesterday? o How did you spend your last vacation? But, as people with normal memory, they say, I do not know questions like Do you remember what you were doing 13 March 1985. He says, for example, March 13, 1985, spent the day in the forest of Senart or not remember that first summer day in 1979, wearing shorts and a T-shirt .

LM Hyperamnesia confabulatory s can not be traced to a specific pattern of brain injury and brain MRI was normal. The authors conclude that LM shows an expansion of the consciousness of his past, a consciousness that has exceeded the limits of time and detail.

Over the next six years, the study found that the rate of cognitive decline in people without cognitive impairment was reduced by 52 % for each point on the scale of cognitive activity.

For individuals, the annual average rate of decline has increased by 42 % for each point on the scale of cognitive activity.

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