Researchers link growth hormone ovarian cancer stem cells

How to change these hormones stem cells opens a new avenue for understanding the growth of cells beginning on breast cancer, and other research, will open new ways to target stem cells.A symbol for the design of the CPU Digital student Emily Boland, 21, of Milford, Ohio, will be integrated into a symbol of health. He explained that working on a symbol of Dermatology – with its neighbors on one side – has been particularly difficult because the original 28 symbols by professional designers contained no face icons, icons of the body alone.

Up to now, breast cancer stem cells were found to be generally inactive in adult female breast, said Dr. Khokhar, whose specialty is modeling human cancer in the laboratory. In this study, the research team reproduces the natural cycle of human reproduction in mice to determine the impact of hormones on breast stem cells.

The research was also supported by the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

The lead author, Purna Joshi said: Our research shows that when progesterone peaks in the second half of the menstrual cycle, begins a cross talk between stem cells and adjacent normal cells that pushes the stem cells to grow in number and the breast can triggering an environment where cancer can start.

The results, published online in Nature, are significant because the history of reproductive risk factors are more important for breast cancer, said researcher Khokhar Rama, a molecular biologist at the Ontario Cancer Institute and the Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute, PMH.

Other major risk factors include age, genetics and breast density.

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