Blood proteins Ups Heart Risk

The researchers did so by using a state-of lipoprotein tests to analyze blood samples collected frozen 10 years ago by about 28,000 in the study of midlife women’s health. The women were healthy at baseline.Shannon is a motivation and a brilliant student. She is passionate about his research and translational science that will benefit patients in the long run, said Dr. Tran.

This stick dangerous substance with cholesterol in the artery walls. But it was difficult to build a case against it – mainly because there was no reliable way to measure the protein.

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Lipoprotein does not do its dirty work the same. It is associated with cholesterolLDL LDL cholesterol – bad cholesterol.

The study is published in the September 20 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The link between lipoprotein and heart disease is higher among women with higher than normal LDL, Jacqueline Suk Danik find, MD, MPH, and colleagues.

However, when lipoprotein levels are high, this is bad news. 10 women has a lipoprotein the level of 65. These women have a higher risk of heart disease by 66 percent.

But technology – and researchers at Brigham and Women ‘s Hospital – has finally caught up with the lipoprotein .

Because lipoprotein has shown an increased risk only at very high levels, and because there is no evidence yet that the reduction of lipoprotein reduces the levels of cardiac risk, researchers do not recommend routine testing.

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