Bacteria containing microbicides designed to inhibit HIV-1

Researchers in the United States and the bacterium used in the vaginal tract inherent abroad to develop a topical microbicide live that can induce the production of HIV-1 inhibitors of the protein, and ultimately prevent the transmission of the virus. They detail their findings in the July 2010 Journal of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.These cuts come despite the fact that in the last five years, the overall health budget has decreased by 5 per cent, during which some 22,000 people in the county have lost their health insurance by employers as a result of layoffs.

HIV-1 have killed more than 25 million people over three decades and currently there are 33 million people living with HIV around the world. Although health officials are finally trying to develop an effective vaccine, topical anti-HIV-1 microbicides are a promising alternative strategy to minimize transmission. Microbicides vivo are of particular interest because they use the bacteria inherent in the human body to induce the production of natural anti-HIV-1 agents.

Our results provide proof of principle for the secretion of an effective anti-HIV-1 CCR5 antagonist assets from a bacterium vaginal commensal designed, which represents an important step towards preventing safe and low cost of realistic sexual transmission of HIV-1 , say the researchers.

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