European Organisation of patients for fertility Europe launches special campaign Families

A selection of postcards particular family will also be displayed at the annual meeting of the ESHRE preferred a wall of hope at the site of the congress in Stockholm in July 2011, and various other places. It is also the first opportunity to present the best stories and the number of postcards sent from various countries.The campaign sends a message of hope to increase fertility in the form of postcards with the stories, including the key message of prevention and treatment. Thousands of postcards with the stories on the move is expected to cross Europe until October 2011.

A banner inviting families special displays in the local language on the home page of the participating members of fertility in Europe, as well as for a period of 6 months. The family will be given instructions on how to insert a family photo with a short story and sending cards to friends and relatives if they wish and the National Gallery. Stories – in many languages, but with a common message of desired parenthood – will also be broadcast much further, in collaboration with other partners, web portals, local networks on pregnancy, adoption, endometriosis, twins, IVF children, male fertility, health, children, Facebook and other social networks.

Couples with fertility problems in need of hope and reliable information. To offer them at a time, fertility in Europe in June 2011 in 19 European countries launched the first campaign special line families.

Congratulations to the editorial team, said John Tooker, MD, MBA, Macpi, Vice President and General Manager of the American College of Physicians .

These awards acknowledge that by providing new information for internists and medical and hospital reports on the policies of the ACP countries, products and activities, ACP Internist and ACP Hospitalist serve as a source of valuable information for doctors of internal medicine.

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