Progesterone vaginal gel Extends pregnancy, reduced rates Preemie

Dr. Romero explained that progesterone is a natural hormone that is essential for maintaining pregnancy and a short neck is thought to be a sign of a possible shortage of progesterone.Roberto Romero, MD, head of research and program director of the Obstetrics and Perinatology Research Branch of Perinatology, said:

Progesterone, a natural hormone, which can also be applied as a vaginal gel, reduces the rate of preterm birth in women with a short neck, which is a risk factor in these types of accidents. Progesterone, in essence, may prolong the pregnancy.

If it is absent or weak, irregular and heavy menstrual bleeding often occurs after a period without any menstrual bleeding. Thus progesterone is used to prevent this irregularity of bleeding when administered continuously. If, however, the onetime bolus of progesterone is given as a shot or with only 5 days of pills, then the falling progesterone levels actually cause an estrogen-primed endometrium to slow down and then start the period.

Progesterone too often because of sedation and uniform. This side effect can be beneficial to a woman who has, or even cause uterine irritability, preterm delivery, because the progesterone in high doses can decrease seizure activity and uterine contractions.

The study showed that children born to women who received progesterone were less likely to develop respiratory distress syndrome, respiratory complication occurring in preterm infants.

Babies born prematurely are at high risk of early death and long-term health and developmental problems. In 2005, there were 12. United States, 12.8 percent of children born preterm in 2008. Premature babies are at increased risk of death in the first year of life, and breathing difficulties, learning disabilities, blindness and deafness.

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