Please do not squeeze the handles: the new patented electronic braking system prevents slippage of hikers

This project assisted pedal auctions Walker 16 years of work by Einbinder – who has just received a patent for its solution. Einbinder was a tennis player and cross country before 1993, when he injured his back.
I’m sitting in my office looking for another hobby, says Einbinder, and I start noticing people with walkers -. How are difficult, as not friendly, I am also an inventor, so I decided to design a mechanical walker that works best.Age presented another difference, with older people more likely to report a better body image, exercise, Hausenblas said. The difference can be explained by the older generation who have more concerns about body image that young people, who tend to exercise more, he said.

Cornell University biomedical engineering students working with Weill Cornell Medical College affiliated psychiatrist Dr. Eli Einbinder have designed an electronic braking system for walkers, with buttons to replace bicycle brake pressing style and also the automatic braking to prevent slips, slips and falls when the user grasps the handles.

Einbinder has been a consultant for the project since its inception, in collaboration with the Lipson at least weekly through teleconferences and e-mail.
The increased walker appeared simple, but it was a difficult project, said Lipson. We constraints of cost, weight, simplicity, and different choices for the approach to use.

The Smart Walker relies on sensors to manage. The Smart Walker in a position to start braking. Users with low resistance, simply press a button to switch off the electronic brake and start to move. Stability and ease of use for users with reduced hand strength promises to significantly reduce accidental falls – a major source of injury in older people with mobility impairments. It can also reduce injuries in the elderly, encouraging a more active lifestyle.

Walkers Warehouse – to help maintain the mobility of older people and active lifestyle – have just become safer and easier to use.

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