Christmas Eating a risk of heart disease

U. research has found people who do not gain weight at Christmas could put their health at risk.1. Eighty-nine % of study participants whose weight remained stable at Christmas put on body fat.1) Yanovski, J, et al. 2000, ‘A prospective study of holiday weight gain’, The New England Journal of Medicine, vol. 342, pp 861-867.

‘We all know that the holidays are not good for size. And ‘a time when many people relax their healthy eating routine and follies. But with growth rates of overweight and Australia, we need to maintain a healthy balance.

‘Many of the Christmas favorites such as chocolates, candies, pastries, cakes and chips are high in energy and can contribute to weight gain of Christmas.

Move – Be sure to keep active every day. Use of time with family and friends for a walk in your neighborhood or play a friendly game of beach cricket.

Smart Drinks – Drinks at festivals and celebrations are often high in added sugar and can contribute to weight gain. Select the system versions of soft drinks, beer and try to light or a wine cooler ‘ – or, better yet, choose water.

Too much Christmas cheer can add unwanted pounds to around two sides of a person and increase their risk of heart disease and diabetes , according to nutritionists.

Eat breakfast – a dinner party or a dinner is not an excuse to skip breakfast. Stick to regular meals, including a healthy breakfast, to keep hunger at bay and help prevent overeating.

And these problems are difficult to treat. 47 percent of women who reported emotional stress anxiety, fear, nervousness, sadness and depression.

‘These foods can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet to the extent that traffic is consumed in moderation,’ said Ms. Katz, a nutritionist accredited practice.

2) Hull, H et al., No.


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