Tablets facts and comparisons. Baclofen. Clinical trials

Baclofen can be taken orally as a pill or delivered directly to an area of ​​the spine called the intrathecal space. The intrathecal space contains the cerebrospinal fluid- the fluid that surrounds the spinal cord and nerve roots generic baclofen. U.S., patients receive intrathecal baclofen because MS oral baclofen cause nasty side effects such as weakness. But intrathecal baclofen delivers the right drug to the target site in the bone marrow. Since the medication does not circulate throughout the body, only small doses are needed to be effective. Consequently, side effects are minimal.Despite the anecdotal success so far there are little scientific data on man to support them. Previous studies on animals suggest that baclofen does have a strong effect anticraving, however, and two large randomized controlled trials of large doses of baclofen is underway. Meanwhile, physicians are increasingly prescribe baclofen U.S. for their alcoholic patients, based on experiences as Ameisen had. Yet even if the apparent benefit fight against drug addiction drug- which is currently approved by the government to treat muscle spasms- are paid in human trials, it may do much to persuade most Americans substance abuse treatment providers to use.

The infection is a common risk associated with placement of a baclofen pump. In most instances, the baclofen pump is directly under the abdominal skin and the tube goes from the spinal canal. Thus, infection may occur under the skin stomach the abdominal cavity or in the spinal canal. An infection may occur because the bacteria from the skin, surgical tools, baclofen pump or surgeons can enter the surgical site, although all the equipment is sterilized prior to the procedure. Also, an infection can develop into the wound after surgery. Signs of infection to the surgical site to excessive pain, swelling, redness and drainage. An infection that spreads to the abdominal cavity can cause severe abdominal pain. Bacteria, which has spread to the cerebrospinal fluid may cause headaches, loss of consciousness, back pain and neck, and a decrease in in muscle function.

A patient with a baclofen pump located can be damaged the nerve near the surgical site. This occurs because small sensory nerves under the abdominal skin can be damaged during the surgery. This can result in numbness immediately above or close to the location of the pump. Depending on the extent of the damage, the sensation can return, but it may be permanent.

If your medical team recommended the baclofen pump system according to your evaluation, you will get a trial of therapy in order to test efficacy of the drug. Which, unlike medication, baclofen is injected into the spinal canal and the treatment team assesses its effectiveness over 2-4 hours. If your muscles do not relax in the first trial, a higher dose can be given at a later date in order to determine its efficiency. Reviewed by the doctors of Mellen Center for MS research at the Cleveland Clinic.

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