Scientists find switch to accelerate the production of stem cells

Dr Prasanna Kolatkar, Dr. Stanton partners in research, ‘This is the first inter-conversion of the development programs of the cells was demonstrated. Moreover, this change in the functional switch has been powered by a single amino acid mutation that shows the atomic-scale understanding of the mechanism. There are many groups around the world of work on aspects of transcription factors and stem cells, and other groups focusing on the biochemistry and structural biology of transcription factors. What distinguishes our group is the only science, integrative and collaborative GIS allows us to bridge the gap between the two disciplines to study the science of transcription factors in stem cellsThis discovery, published in the journal Stem Cells, has implications for the generation of stem cells more effectively for biomedical applications and could help to facilitate the development of therapies for diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease.

Bracelets of copper and magnetic bracelets are not effective for pain relief, according to a new study by a University academic York.

Dr. Larry Stanton, a co-leader of the project, said: ‘This research is a modification of the old theory that there are few native transcription factors that can contribute to induced pluripotent stem cells. We have shown that you can take a transcription factor, without IPS forming cell activity and in fact is much more powerful. ‘

A team of scientists at the Genome Institute of Singapore of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research have shown that proteins involved in controlling genes work together to carry out their functions in stem cells and have demonstrated for the first time, how can they change their interaction partners for other types of cells. The work has emphasized the collaborative nature of modern biology, in which the techniques and knowledge of bioinformatics analysis, structural biology, biochemistry and molecular biology of stem cells have been used together to identify specific amino acids within the protein that has facilitated the ‘ molecular switch between stem cells and other cells.

Following Dr. Colman, ‘This piece of work very intelligent and insightful evidence of what can happen when talent from different sectors come together to make progress in research. I am convinced that the scientists of the A * STAR will continue to pass through the boundaries of traditional research disciplines and produce a file.

exciting and revolutionary as Singapore strives to be the capital of innovation in Asia ‘

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